Micd 1.0
"It Is What It Is" edition

For your health and safety Micd is non-optimized for advertising, data gathering, or growth hacking.
Bugs are authentic.
Email us if they find you.


How much time was wasted making Micd?

Two years as a nights and weekends project. Qanta worked the most. Qanta is the best.

What's the biggest challenge you faced in building Micd?

There's an enormous discrepancy in what counts as "live" between internet streaming, TV, and even between cable providers. Syncing between multiple broadcasting sources is tricky. The most seamless experience requires a technical fix and/or an NBA integration.

Anyone else working on live audio broadcasting?

We've come across SecondMic, Rally, Anchor, Unmute, and ZCast. 'Sup!

Is Micd legal?

Lawyers have told us for sure yes but if Micd becomes successful we should expect media companies to sue anyway. Hooray!

Can I be a part of Micd in some way?

Email us.

These are fake questions can we stop this charade?

Thanks for stopping by!